WTB: Rear wheel for a Maxi (MA)

made a new post cause everyone that was responding to the other kept flaking. Let me know what you want for it. Looking for anything that will work at this point, Dont care if its rusted to hell or in great shape. Shoot me an email and we can work something out. I need something baaaaadly.

thanks a bunch

Re: WTB: Rear wheel for a Maxi (MA)

Found at last.

Good Karma all around


Re: WTB: Rear wheel for a Maxi (MA)

hows that front i gave ya?

Re: WTB: Rear wheel for a Maxi (MA)

Sorry for not getting back sooner, i just saw that you replied.

Its working out great, Ive had a hard time finding 11mm nuts for it (store carries 10 and 12) but im planning on picking up some tomorrow. I will shoot you a picture of the bike when its done to show you what ive done.

Re: WTB: Rear wheel for a Maxi (MA)

shoulda asked me for the nuts!

Re: WTB: Rear wheel for a Maxi (MA)

Crossvalley Tonysieze /

can i have your nuts?!?!?!?! =P

Re: WTB: Rear wheel for a Maxi (MA)

I seriously , honestly once spent 5 hours driving around looking for those nuts.

Finally in ended up in a custom fastener place and hour away that makes customed sized nuts and shit for Gullwing Mercedes ( in a factory right near my house oddly enough )

They didnt have any and were amazed that anyone had used such a nutty size. They could make em for 64 dollars for 2. I um ...declined.

Then they asked "why did they use that size? , where they French?"

I said no, they are austrian.

Then they said "why do they hate thier customers? thats an awful size!"

Anyway i have some some where but put up a post lookin for em, someone made a shitload once.

I have some somewhere but i gotta find em.

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