wtb / needed : E50

sell me your running e50

it can be kitted

or it can be stock

it's going on this:

can you help bring it to life once again?

if you want, i'll trade you the in pieces za50 on it.

let me knowwwwww

Re: wtb / needed : E50

gar I got one thats super siezed I was gonna save for my winter project let me know if nothing else pans out

Re: wtb / needed : E50

i have a ton of parts for this thing send me an email i have 3 e50s casher426@gmail.com

Re: wtb / needed : E50

Chicken GizzARds /

hay boddy man. catch up to me us emailed. okay?

Re: wtb / needed : E50

ok, so haw do you tell which GAR is which if they all use 10 different accounts??

Re: wtb / needed : E50


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