Whats an RD60 worth?

Yea its not a moped but I know a few people here have em. I'm looking at blue RD60 project bike. The paint is ok, some scratchs. There's some rust speckling on the crome. The tank is very rusty inside, will need a good cleaning and sealing. Missing the left hand side cover that goes over the oil injection. Supposedly ran when it was parked, like 20 years ago. Seems complete other than that cover, and the headlight bulb. No title but it does have the key. Kinda rough but still a sick looking bike, I'm waffling on whether its worth getting as the guy wants $450 for it. A good tank for one of these sold for $140 on ebay so maybe these are worth pretty much, I dunno.

Re: Whats an RD60 worth?

Well, ones in good shape / nice condition sell for $1k+ .. Sounds like it should run without too many complications.. I'd offer $350 or $400

Re: Whats an RD60 worth?

RD60's are schweeettt bikes. Check this one out.

Item number: 13030660483

Re: Whats an RD60 worth?

Already haggled him down from 500, if he would have just agreed to 400 I would have it right now but I wasn't convinced it was worth 450 cause even 400 was steep in my mind. They are just rare as hell though, thats what he's counting on and why I'm still thinking about it.

Re: Whats an RD60 worth?

I think that you should buy it if it runs.

When I bought mine it had been sitting for 3+ years and with three or four kicks it fired up.

If it doesnt run and is in this present condition, dont buy it, just wait for a nice one and get it on a cheap price. (or at least dont spend 400 on it!)

Re: Whats an RD60 worth?

also forgot to mention this, I bought mine for 650 running with 3,400 miles and title attached, with sweet chrome and tank from a dealer.

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