FS. 1980 columbia open road

For sale: 1980 Columbia Open Road. I bought this bike with intentions to restore but I realized i'm way over my head for being 13, the engine is seized, needs new paint, tires, chrome etc. I would like to see this little bike go to some one who would fix, restore, or use it to make one nice one.

The bike is located in Grand Marais Minnesota, 110 miles up the north shore from Duluth.

Thanks Cassidy.

Re: FS. 1980 columbia open road

Hey, pull out ur spark plug and spray some PB Blaster in the hole a couple times a day. After a couple days, see if it freed up yet (it will.)

note: before u start make sure you put a drip pan or a few rags under the motor so you don't leave a spot on the


Even if ur not keeping it, it's easier to sell if it's freed up.


free bump

Re: FS. 1980 columbia open road

that's a solo water-cooled variated engine, right? harvey in PDX has one and it's a nice bike. good pick-up, comfy. all in all, a great moped until you have to stop, ha, ha!

Re: FS. 1980 columbia open road

I sprayed some WD-40 in the spark plug hole today, i will spray more in tomorrow and than see what happens.

Thanks cassidy.

Re: FS. 1980 columbia open road

get p'blaster or croil. WD40 is not a great penetrant.

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