FS: Derbi Frame & Fork

I kind of want to keep the speedo and handle bars but the rest is up for sale. frame, fork, seat, gas tank... pretty much everything you see. Buy Brennan's engine and have a sick sick sick fast fast fast moped! https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/2/260088/260088/

i would be happy getting $200 for this. Anything less and it's not really worth selling i'll just keep if for parts.

Re: FS: Derbi Frame & Fork

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

I want the swing arm. Emailing now.

Re: FS: Derbi Frame & Fork


Re: FS: Derbi Frame & Fork

I'd like the front fairing if it's not cracked email me what you want for it and your paypal

Re: FS: Derbi Frame & Fork

I will get back to you harry and dan. I might have someone that wants the whole thing. I should know by tomorrow.

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