F/S Tomos parts

Here is my list of tomos parts that I have but don't need.

pedal shaft, stopper thing & chain

gears 1 & 2



left side magneto cover

airbox (2 small holes)

1 stock cyl. with piston, pin, & pin bearing (no rings or circlips)

1cyl. with piston & pin (nothing else)


1 reed good cond.

1 reed with one flap broken off

20 tooth rear sprocket

1 cyl, piston, pin, & 1 circlip (nothing else)

pedal shaft & chain

oil injector with some tubing (no tank)

plastic chain guard

cowling (a few cracks & chips

left side panel

I will send pics if you want. E-mail me with offers, and please make them reasonable.

Re: F/S Tomos parts

hey could i still buy that magneto cover and what kind of tomos is this?

Re: F/S Tomos parts

could i get pics of the cowling (a few cracks & chips?

email is emericaman17@yahoo.com

and how much shipped to chicago 60630

thanks dominick

Re: F/S Tomos parts

Bump, sorry I haven't been on much and I will try to get pics. And the parts are off an a35.

Re: F/S Tomos parts

alright man i need the clutch is it in good condition how many mile are on it? also need magneto cover (if itll fit an lx) email me snobum101@yahoo.com with pics so i can make an offer

Re: F/S Tomos parts

E-mails were sent out Yesterday.

Re: F/S Tomos parts

if you didnt sell that clutch, and it is nice, ill buy it with a decent price

Re: F/S Tomos parts

Garmoud Ahmadinejad /

hao many chicken?

Re: F/S Tomos parts

John Schneider /

Have you got a good condensor for an A3?

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