WTB: Moped

Simple and sweet. I want to get back on a Moped.

After I gave up my Motobecane last year, I have regretted selling it ever since, but I needed the money at the time, so I had no choice.

I'm just looking for another moped. It doesn't matter if it runs or not, as long as it is mostly complete I can get it running on my own, that's never an issue.

I have cash in paypal, and some more cash actually on me.

Tell me what you got and how much you want, and we'll see if it's something I want in my price range.

I'm located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 65 miles north west of Chicago. So Chicago land, Milwaukee area, Rockford area and Madison area.

I can pick up, delivery is not nessesary.

Re: WTB: Moped

Jeff in Lima, Ohio has a Black Motobecane, among others.

It's a bit of a drive but if its something you prefer.


Re: WTB: Moped

Forgot to mention, to contact me directly, email me at rileyw@gmail.com

Re: WTB: Moped


C'mon I know someone has a piece of shit they wanna sell off.

Re: WTB: Moped

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