1977 Batavus HS50 $800obo

Running well and in good condition. Red paint is in good condition as is most of the chrome. New tires, intertubes and piston rings. Very recently cleaned and regreased all bearings. Most parts are original except pedals and previously mentioned new parts. Has 2100 miles.

This moped is in good condition and is a fun ride :) Also has a Bonus removal storage rack. (will come with the original trunk but one lach is broken)


Re: 1977 Batavus HS50 $800obo

Motobee Goode /

Hey Ryan, it's Ben...the dude who emailed you first and you had it listed on craigslist for 250 obo. So, I thought someone offered you more?....or are you "that guy who creates a moped army account for the sole purpose of trying to sell a ped for 800" because you think someone in the moped community is stupid enough to pay that? Nice.

I offer 250.

Re: 1977 Batavus HS50 $800obo

i e-mailed you and you never emailed me back, man. i know someone who wants this bike. but now i don't want to deal with you because you upped your price 550 bucks. it's a batavus, man. good luck selling it on here for 800.

Re: 1977 Batavus HS50 $800obo

i'll pay 1400 for it. but you have to set it up with my shipper and i'll mail you a certified check.. fo reals.


Re: 1977 Batavus HS50 $800obo

Will you consider interesting trades?

I have a LOBSTER bib which was worn by Shaq at a CRAB joint.

I'll even include a certificate of authenticity and will personally deliver the bib. (No trade backs)

Re: 1977 Batavus HS50 $800obo

jeeeesus. get the fuck out of here. go on ebay if you want that price.

Re: 1977 Batavus HS50 $800obo

Almost forgot:

I had the bib appraised to be worth at least a thousand because Shaq may or may not have vomited a little on it.

So you'd be getting the better end of the deal. But I get the feeling that you are reputable seller, so I am comfortable with my loss.

Re: 1977 Batavus HS50 $800obo


Re: 1977 Batavus HS50 $800obo

I think he meant to say he is paying 800 obo to haul that garbage from his yard

Re: 1977 Batavus HS50 $800obo

don't get it twisted. it's a really nice bike. batavii are underrated. 200, in a heartbeat, 800: no.

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