FS/trade: gila magnum

its fun, i love it so much, but i want to variated something or another and some more money. its really fun bike, fast. needs a new forks and needs a new clutch almost.

mostly want a pug or something along those lines and money, but i will take just money, make me an offer thats pretty neat

set up is.

80 gila

21 race del.

puch simo

super awesome 3 stars

2.5 gazzelles

3 shoe clutch with awesome

giant parma head.


Re: FS/trade: gila magnum


Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

Is Sue included in this deal?

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

you pay extra for the sue

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

would like a hobbit too

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

how about a motobecane 50v or a peugeot 103? motobecane runs peugeot will be in a day or so the peugeot is already slated to be sold but i dont have money in my hands yet so yeah take your pick, both are blue, what kind of money are you talking over the top? i wish you would have said something in elkhart. but whatever if your a bandit and comming to kzoo you are staying at my house anyway. let me know what you think some of the bandits should have my number if not email me.

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

that pic is so goddamned cute!! awww ...

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

mostly interested in the peugeot. that sounds rad. email me if you want to talk about the money on top situation and a picture would be cool too. i might not be going to kzoo but i might. if not i could have a bandit bring the bike.

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

ok i will take a pic and email it to you in an hour or 2

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum


Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

what? you just built this.

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

PSHHHH yeah like last september!

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

Kelly Jawns on a big calculator /

You should not sell it. Real talk. Don't do it.

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum


bammmmmm. just bought the kit. now its just a sweet blue magnum

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

do it. get that moby or pug from nitronick.

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

Ϫ‡☄ಬ∞ ƀƖḬƝƊ ƤǂƿƎ ∞ಬ☄‡Ϫ - Hoke from Black Pipes Moped Gang /

hmmm.... dude i'll trade you two of the the following:

1) motobecane moby (blue, long seat, variated, sidecovers and toolbox covers, pretty good shape)

2) amf roadmaster (silverish, minarelli, beefy fantic forks, looks ratty but runs great)

3) vespa si (black, runs, looks ok, rear wheel is a snowflake front is a 4 star, rear tail light is broke)

straight up or one of the following plus cash....

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

a friend of mine might be interested in trading you a kitted hobbit 21 carb blah blah blah.

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

so if the motor is gone send me an email as to what you are thinking about my peugeot, the motor was my main interest but I might still be interested in the bike with no motor.

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

Saw this one at Whisky Biz, those wheelz are sweeet

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum


I am not sure if i ever road with you...used to have a Pa50-ii, a passport, and shuttle, a talon, etc....welp, i SOLD everything. now I miss it.

How much?

I have a honda 90 (Motorcycle) that runs, but need a little work....

Would rather just pay cash depending on what ballpark you are in...

email me...could take a look whenever...also if you know anyone else selling ANYTHING that runs I may be interested...i just really miss the moped life...


Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

those wheels are mine! i found you 15 sets of six stars. come to austin soon. miss you buddy.

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

how about a av10 with the same polini i have on my pug ??? for the tank and frame you keep all the rest

Re: FS/trade: gila magnum

I would so trade you my Hobbit for that!!!


Why aren't there more Magnums!!!

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