Blacksburg VA - 1978/9 motobecane mobylette FS-225

I am selling a 1978/9 Motobecane mobylette 50v moped. I would classify it as not working, although it usually starts up and runs for a few minutes. I have talked to a few people about what may be wrong with it, and they have said it's probably the fuel line and most likely just needs a fuel filter. Before this problem it ran great. If you are familiar with mopeds you could probably have it up and running in a day or two. I am selling it because I am graduating this semester and will not be bringing it home with me.

Cosmetically, it is in pretty decent shape for being 30 years old. There is a small rip in the seat and a few nicks here and there, but it is mostly decent.

NOTE: the picture posted is just to show what color it is and what it looks like, it is not the actual bike for sale. The moped looks identical minus the rip in the seat.

Please email me to setup a time to come look at it and judge for yourself.

I am located a few blocks from DT blacksburg.


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