FS: Need $. #3 Puch Cylinder/Head, Magnum Exhaust.

BofA raped me with overdraft fees. Need $ for prescription so I don't go craaaazzzy. lol.

#3 puch cylinder and head off a wicked clean 1984 maxi. Perfect condition and clean. Sorry, no piston...that and the crank was missing for some reason when I bought it.

Magnum exhaust off a gently used Magnum II with 1800 miles. Has some scuff marks...just the typical shit you see on used exhausts. No dents pretty clean.

Will post pics later.

Make offers with shipping included here. Paypal only. Will ship as soon as funds get transferred from paypal to my checking account.

Re: FS: Need $. #3 Puch Cylinder/Head, Magnum Exha

PS. Also have rear magnum fender and front fender minus the stabilizer brace.

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