List of Shades Ped Adoption

Here is a list of all my peds that will be for sale at the Shades of Death Ride May 22-23. The attached pic is of most of the bikes, not all of them. Prices will be posted on each bike at the ride. I have not priced any of them yet. None of these bikes are road ready for the ride. Some have undergone various degrees of restoration, some are fixxer uppers, and some need minor tweaking to be road ready. There are no other pics. If you want to see them, you need to be at the ride on May 22 or May 23rd.

White Puch Newport L

Silver Puch Maxi Luxe

Green Garelli Gran Sport

Yellow Garelli Gran Sport

Yellow Moby 50V

Black Moby Le Moped (gold mags)

Brown Tomos A3 Sport

Red Garelli Gran Sport

Blue Moby 50V (no motor)

Blue Intramotor Gloria Scout

Red Bianchimatic (Snark)

Black Garelli Monza GT

Orange Garelli Gran Sport


Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

Another angle...


Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

How much for the Garelli Monza GT??? Rawr i want it..

Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

Add to the list:

maroon 1977 Pacer step-thru

Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

damn nice collection you got goin thar! i sure hope i can afford to do that one day... lol.

Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

dibs on all of them lol

Hey...noticed no Puchs. Oh thats right... you GIVE them away.Did you tell everybody you'll be GIVING away a Magnum at the ride? Thats right kids...mopedlar will be giving away a nice Magnum but you must attend and purchase a raffle ticket.

Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

Thanks for the plug! All proceeds from the raffle go to the ASPCA.

Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

Garellis are the new everyone has a chance to jump on the bandwagon. I'm hoping that some nice Italian bikes will show up for the ride.

Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

I'm sure there will be more peds for sale between now and May 22nd. I picked up a fairly complete red/white 1978 PA50 fixxer upper tonight.

Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

Perfekt Timing Angel /

Italian Pride all the way.

I'd love to have a nice stock Red Snark for my blue Snark to play with.

Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

Angel, she's a Bianchimatic, so she's got the Franco Morini MO1 motor. The gas tank is faded, but the rest of the paint is pretty good. She runs, but needs to be dialed in. I'm leaving all fine tuning to the buyers.

Re: List of Shades Ped Adoption

The IM Gloria Scout is now a running, roadready ped. I completely went through it this morning and she does around 28mph on flats, and that's with the stock 9mm intake and #48 jet. Pulls hills decent too.

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