FS: ciao frames>sf

i have an orange ciao frame, with seat, and puch forks matching

and a incomplete ciao porter frame. just the frame, no cargo box and front axle/wheelset

in SF. locals only. any interest?

Re: FS: ciao frames>sf

Price on the orange frame shipped to 64112?

Re: FS: ciao frames>sf

locals onlyyyy

Re: FS: ciao frames>sf

price on them and i will drive down!

Re: FS: ciao frames>sf

porter frame is defnitely for sale... whatever you offer, ill probably take...

ciao, i might sell as a complete bike... probably will,

but i have a bravo frame for sale if not a ciao...

Re: FS: ciao frames>sf

travis, make offers... email if you wish.

looking like the both ciaos will be available.

Re: FS: ciao frames>sf

sorry decided agents it gonna get a new cdi and hi comp head for my moby instead so i need the money.

maybe in a couple months tho if you still got the ciao or bravo.

ciao and bravo frames pictures!

bravo, slightly modified. forks may be claimed already:

torn grande seat


this is the same ciao from my profile picture:

rare ciao porter, incomplete:

ill take any offers for this stuff probably, just dont want to ship.

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