wtb 1980 Indian parts

Does anyone know where I can find parts for a 1980 Indian?

I need Decompression and choke cables.

Also, does anyone know what size threads for the petcock valve and what size intake is on this?

was thinking of putting on a Dellorto SHA carb???any Ideas?

Thanks in advance...


Re: wtb 1980 Indian parts

have you looked here

Re: wtb 1980 Indian parts

Yep! Checked there already...

I found the throttle cable there, but no leads on the other items...Was hoping someone might have some info on these other parts...

Re: wtb 1980 Indian parts

Make sure that you get cables for the correct carb. This bike came with a Tillotson, Mikuni, or a Keihin. They all use different cables. The Tillotson was a lever choke, so you must have a Mikuni or Keihin. They also have different sized intakes. The Mikuni should do just as well as an SHA, or maybe even better. If you don't have the Mikuni, I have one with an intake and throttle cable that I would sell. Send me an email if you are interested.

Re: wtb 1980 Indian parts

I have the stuff you need for your Indian, here is a picture of the two different heads for the Indians, I also have the decomp cable. Let me know which head you have. I have both intakes, and some extrsa Mikuni and keihn carbs. Please email me though, I don't get on here that often. Tom

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