Re: Super nice PUCH Magnum X dirtbike will ship

brandon you know me and my 08 tomos has well over 14000 miles on it and it rocks harder than any bike i own

also ive seen this bike in person its rad as hell


Oh and you know I gotta chime in on this one. This bike is badass....

And truely, one of a kind and yadda yadda.


Notice no personal information behind the profile of the seller. I wonder the reason for this? It would appear that one is hiding his or her true identity. Hmmm. It makes me wonder why someone would hide their identity when making deals on the internet.

From personal experience, you just never know what's missing or broken.

IF you KNOW what I'm talking about then, you KNOW what I'm talking about.

If not, don't worry about it.

Consider this your warning.



But seriously though zane, this bike is fucking rad you should sell it to me.

Re: seriously

then give me money. its just that simple.

Re: seriously

I found this little guy hiding under my workbench the other day.

Re: seriously

srsly dag

Re: seriously

Can a man actually ride one of these, or do you guys all want them for your son and or your tiny Asian mistress?

Re: seriously

Everyone wants them so they take the kick start motor off of it, put it on their moped and then pretty much throw away the rest of the bike. I have one and I rarely ride it as it's like riding on some clown bike. It actually sits on a little shelf up above my work cabinet.

Re: seriously

how do i find a stock air filter for these? i need 2~!

Re: seriously

wtf is this bullshit about who the fuck are you mr. undercuttermopeds. I want that bike but you seem a bit shady. e-mail me if your really selling this bike

Re: seriously

this same guy is selling a "florida swamp puch frame" in Tampa...

Sooooooo unless he lives in portland, and tampa this is sketchyyyy.

Re: seriously

On vacation in florida. Ever been asked which camaro you want to ride in on the way to target? Going out and buying mopeds to escape the relatives. I mention in the maxi ad I need it gone by Wednesday and that is because my flight is Thursday.

Re: seriously

It's Zane. He's legit.

Re: seriously

Thanks bry.

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