FS: moby stuff


still have lots of parts.

complete wheel set, brakes and all... needs new tires likely, chrome mildly pitted.

orange fork set. chrome back rack, short seats, complete magnetos, full blue frame with forks, lots of peddals and cranks, orange stand... lots more little bits and pieces.

email me if ya need something


Re: FS: moby stuff

John Schneider /

Have you got a complete engine that runs? Chain covers in blue? the bracket that limits the tortion spring, the one with the hook on it?

Re: FS: moby stuff

no running engine but, i have all the parts if you need anything specific... no more side covers, i do have the bracket with the hook though, ...

Re: FS: moby stuff

John Schneider /

How much for the bracket with the hook sent to Mn. 56058?Is the piston any good with the rings and if so give me a


Thanks, John

Re: FS: moby stuff

hey jay dont worry about that zener for me. just need the switch.

Re: FS: moby stuff

Motobee Goode /

how much for pedal shaft and crank arms?

Re: FS: moby stuff

steve, already on it's way...

set of pedals and arms, $20 shipped

hook, $15 shipped

no piston i don't think...

Re: FS: moby stuff

how much for the seat

Re: FS: moby stuff

pics of the wheelset and orange forks?

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