Re: My chow for your pooch

Brando: emailed you about the Puch :).

Re: WTT: My Ciao for your Puch

There you go kia, you wanted a puch to learn and work on.

Lesson one: install cylinder.

If you need help transporting, I have a truck, or you can always push/pedal...

Re: WTT: My Ciao for your Puch

brando, why is there a reason that there are far less vespas than puch mopeds at rallies? what are you insinuating? in the whole world, yes, there are far more ciaos. in europe, tons of people ride ciaos and have done pretty much any and all crazy builds with them. it's not like we think we're in some cool club, but i think vespa is a very different challenge from a puch.

Re: WTT: My Ciao for your Puch

your ciao is only rigid in the back. you're front forks are springer forks...which the Treats EBR's are the same. You're issue is lack of rear shocks. But have fun with your new Puch...

Re: WTT: My Ciao for your Puch

Jason there are "real" forks for ciao that EBR makes as well, sorry if that wasn't clear.

Re: WTT: My Ciao for your Puch

Bump! Still looking . . .

Re: WTT: My Ciao for your Puch

please just keep the ciao. change out the front forks, and get a better pipe than the sito. you'll forget its rigid with better front forks....not really, but it will be a lot smoother! and trust me the pot hole thing doesn't get easier with shocks! it's just as rough.

these aren't caddilacs.

i attatched a shitty cell pic of my ciao, throw some cheap ass used puch forks on there. you'll like it a lot better.

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