WTB Used Moped in NE

Anyone have a ped in New England they're looking to sell, the closer to Portsmouth, NH the better? I'm looking to buy an older one, preferably in running condition, but it could definitely be a project bike if the price is right.

Re: WTB Used Moped in NE

Yo man!

Port City 'Peds at yer service! We've got a garage in Durham and several bikes for sale. Let me know if you want to come by to check them out sometime.


Re: WTB Used Moped in NE

Re: WTB Used Moped in NE

What mopeds do you have for sale and what's the price range? Are you in Durham or Portsmouth?

Re: WTB Used Moped in NE

We're in durham right now. Just off campus if you want to swing by the garage.. 49 newmarket st.

1984 Honda Aero - $800

1984 Honda Gyro - $1000

Those are the only two im personally responsible to sell, so those prices are definite. I can set you up with a couple Port City Peds "associates" who have for sale:

Suzuki FA50 - $650 obo

Puch Maxi - circa $600

Batavus Regency - circa $600

Let me know if you want to check em out.


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