1978 Scorpion Moped

I recently purchased a 1978 Scorpion Moped, but I am not sure where parts are avaliable for purchase in the future for repairs, a user's manual, or if there is a website that sells parts for this partiuclar kind of moped.

If anyone could help by giving us any information, I would greatly appreciate it.

Re: 1978 Scorpion Moped

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the wiki shop links page has a list of websites of all the current moped parts sellers.

your Scorpion (if it's like mine) has the Franco Morini MO2 motor with a Dellorto SHA 14.12 carburetor. I would concentrate on either Handy Bikes or Moped Junkyard for the best bet on having what you might need, although 1977 Mopeds, Quarterkick, and of course the ever popular Treats HQ are very helpful as well. Don't hesitate to call instead of anonymous online ordering.


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