WTB early Moby frame

Thinking an AV42 / AV48 style. I'm wanting the frame, tank and fenders if you've got them. If you have some other early Mobylette let me know.

Send pics plz...

I have parts for Moby Traveler/50v, Puch or cash...

Re: WTB early Moby frame

One like this for the un-schooled...

Re: WTB early Moby frame

You just missed one on ebay a few days ago. It ended at $38 with no bids. It was really rough, but good for parts and it had the pieces your looking for. Search the completed listings for "Vintage Motobecane Pedal", maybe the seller intends to re-list the whole thing or will sell you the pieces you want.

Re: WTB early Moby frame

WOW that gives new meaning to the term "crusty"

Thanks for the heads up!

Re: WTB early Moby frame

Are you still looking for an AV48 frame?

Re: WTB early Moby frame

Just for shits and giggles Bill email me some pics and a price...I might still buy it.

When I originally made this post I had an air cooled Morini S6c that I wanted to mount up to an early Moby. Damn thing would have hauled butt! I've since past it on down the road...

Re: WTB early Moby frame

Trust me, you don't want to "Haul Butt" on an early Moby frame that is lacking suspension. I have had two mishaps that can be blamed on lack of suspension.

How about an AV88 frame?

Re: WTB early Moby frame

That would be my third rigid...

It was going to be all torque and no top end. Wheelies & 40 mph top end! Shoot me some pics...An AV48 would look perfect next to my Centri.

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