WTB magnum swingarm

Mine is twisted and i cant get it str8 :( i need one so my rear wheel isnt all janky looking.

Re: WTB magnum swingarm

still need one anyone have one??

Re: WTB magnum swingarm

Vlado vlado /

I have brand new, never used chromed from Benji at Treats- bought it for Magnum but my oversized 2.75 tires would not fit.

If you keep original 2.25 X 17 tires it will work; it was ment for Maxi, so you will need rear brake assembly from it or some adjusting on Magnum's.

will sell cheap if interested...

Re: WTB magnum swingarm

yea i might have to take you up on that dude i'll let you know later on today, ima try and right my twisted one first but i'll def let you know by then end o the day.

Re: WTB magnum swingarm

Meant for a Maxi?? How are there different width magnum arms? What the what?

Re: WTB magnum swingarm

the OEM magnum swing arm is longer and i belive the shock mounts are lower as well. im pretty shur if i snag this off ya i'll have to mod the break pin a bit i dont see it bein all that hard to do i just wanna use it if i cant find and oem one.

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