Wtb peugeot 103 variator

Mines dumping on me.

Need a new one!!

Can be used but not abused please!!

Email me!


Re: Wtb peugeot 103 variator

Do you need just the variator, or the whole starter clutch. I have th variator and starter clutch, but nothing inside. no clutch plate either. I was kinda keeping it as a backup incase my shit the bed one day. email me make me an offer. but they are hard to find. maybe someone has one they dont need at all. but if not i got one

Re: Wtb peugeot 103 variator

I do have a complete new one here. drop me an e-mail if you want one


Re: Wtb peugeot 103 variator

Anyone else have anything to offer??

I just need the variator..

Or parts of one at least.. I don't think I tightened it down enough,

So everything that should be rotating with the crank doesn't now..

Know what I mean?

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