Tomos Parts

Get your Tomos Parts at Susies Mopeds.Com on the cheap!

Check and compare prices.....shipped to your door...

Re: Tomos Parts

Why does this keep poping up here? I thought suzies was only moped rentals. And you don't even give a website? I mean, we have treats, heeters, handybikes (fuck moped whorehouse) and 1977 to name a few (and we know their websites....)

Re: Tomos Parts

Look closer...

Get your Tomos Parts at _Susies Mopeds.Com_ on the cheap!

Check and compare prices…..shipped to your door…

Re: Tomos Parts

theyre in san juan, and no prices listed, just the tomos cataloge. im good. esp since im working on opening a shop in dt chas asap.

Re: Tomos Parts

Trying to drum up some business I prices = a no go..I like the ease of treats myself.

Re: Tomos Parts

same here mate. price is nice and benji and rufus are the most generous guys out there. i cant wait for my highcomp head. and the guys @1977, well they rock out too. just had my first purchase with them and i like it so far.

like tattoo artists, im very warry of new guys.

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