FS: Parts Honda NQ50


I've got a Nq50 scooter i'm looking to sell. Its got the engine and everything else, just the farring, battery, and some other parts are missing.

Pickup in Columbus ohio. Looking for 200obo. Will consider trades for parts.


Re: FS: Parts Honda NQ50

Actually, i'll take 150 obo for this. Does anyone here have a rough idea of what these things are actually worth? If so email me so i know don't wanna under or over price

Re: FS: Parts Honda NQ50

bumpz. Email me please if you are a scooter collector and know what this is mildly worth. All i see on ebay is Buy it now prices that are jacked up big time i am guessing.

Re: FS: Parts Honda NQ50

sprees really arent worth too much.$150 is probably the highest id sell that for. stick with it, somebody might bite..but mopedarmy is hardly the prime market for selling a spree. i bet that thing would get snatched up much quicker on craigslist..

Re: FS: Parts Honda NQ50

true true. Thank you alot A-ko. Shes going on the craigslist

Re: FS: Parts Honda NQ50

bumpz just in case

Re: FS: Parts Honda NQ50

i guess there isnt really that much interest in these things...

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