FS crappy batavus and ciao parts

These are a bunch of crappy parts I dont have room to keep anymore, Make an offer and ill probably accept.

Heres what I have:

Center cover from a batavus HS 50, It needs re painted (one side has been straightened out)

2 Batavus drive chain gaurds. The black one is in good shape, the red is a little rusty and has chipping paint.

Ciao side covers, missing some of the hardware and the right one is cracked.

M48 motor mounts in good shape.

Starflite exhaust clamp in good shape.

Bosch flywheel from an m48, If you want it just pay shipping. Its in pretty terrible shape.

Stator plate with all the coils from an m48, no points. It looks useable.

Gay ass reflectors, pay for the postage and they are yours.

Ciao tail light, surface rust on the bracket. The lens has no cracks or major scratches.

A set of M48 cases, no cracks on the inside but pretty rough around the clutch area especially. Ask and I can send pics of the details.

Ciao headlight bracket, looks good.

Ciao center stand in good shape but it probably needs a new mounting pin.

Rigid ciao forks, the paint is faded a little.

Ciao rear rack basket. This is pretty cool and I really havent seen many of them on ciaos. The chrome needs shined up really bad, I dont think its pitted but it might have to be painted over.

So yeah, let me know and I can send more detailed pictures or just make some offers.


Re: FS crappy batavus and ciao parts

fallout Survivor /

Got batavus m48 air cleaner assembly?

Re: FS crappy batavus and ciao parts

sorry no.

Re: FS crappy batavus and ciao parts

Hey can I have the side covers for 8 bucks?

Re: FS crappy batavus and ciao parts

gotta check shipping on that, send me an e-mail.

Re: FS crappy batavus and ciao parts

Bump, ciao side covers sold.

Re: FS crappy batavus and ciao parts

i'll buy the ciao tail light for 10 plus shipping, email sent

Re: FS crappy batavus and ciao parts

basket sold, tail light pending sale

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