FS Sparta Buddy RVA


Thing was running fine, now having some trouble. I can't figure out the problem but I would imagine it is pretty simple. Anyways need the cash soon.

I am basically restating the ad...but...

Sachs 504a engine

I think the moped is 1979

Needs back brake line.

I have side covers although I think the pieces that attach them to the frame are broken off the frame, but they may be able to be fabricated to work.

Its Orange

New Petcock w/ inline fuel filter

Tires are pretty old but I have been riding on them no problem

Got up to like 28-30 mph when it was running good.

Starts easily. Cuts itself off when riding, which is the only real problem I have had with it.

Email me with an offer, ad says $400, but I will look at every serious offer. Thanks.

Re: FS Sparta Buddy RVA

Have you checked the condenser?

Re: FS Sparta Buddy RVA

I have not, no flywheel puller either, I may try to do the rubber mallet trick tomorow if i have time, nonetheless still for sale, thanks for the tip though

Re: FS Sparta Buddy RVA

rtfgyuhijo aertaery /

do you still have it?

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