looking for a (new) helmet too

any ped shop owners here ship?

im trying my damnest finding a decent helmet that doesn't visually clash w/ my (metal red) moby and free me the ridicule of my neighbors. less $$$ would be appreciated, i don't want anything that'll cost me the greater slice of what i usually buy/sell peds for here in cali including everyone's so poor nowdays geesh..

Re: looking for a (new) helmet too

also, if you haven't noticed the email next to my name, i'm in lower cali for a bit, if anyone around knows a place..

about the ridicule...ah simply i only agree w/ hjc, i think fs10, i look like i have a bobble head on my thin 5'6" body...i dont know, maybe it can't be helped

Re: looking for a (new) helmet too

check out <http://www.genuineaccessories.com/Closeout/closeout.htm#fullface>; i think i'm gonna order one from there in a couple days

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