1988 SB50 values?

New here and to scooters and was wondering what fair value of a 1988 Honda SB50 with about 1500 mi. on it would be. Is $600 too much to pay if it's in pretty good condition?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Re: 1988 SB50 values?

whats an sb50 never herd of it whats the model name

Re: 1988 SB50 values?

Oops. Sorry. It's a Honda "Elite" 50. I guess it came after the "Spree"?

1988 SB50 values?

Thats on the high end of prices, would have to be real nice for that price.

Re: 1988 SB50 values?

new here and to scooters?

youre at the wrong site. this aint scooterarmy.

but yeah, i dont know. $600 isnt too bad, people still seem to pay ok amounts of money for elites for some reason. if its in super nice shape $600 is a deal, really.

good luck man

Re: 1988 SB50 values?

Just so you know, the original 'mopeds' are pedal-start 50cc motorbikes that originated in Europe. That's what this site mostly deals with. Your Honda is a scooter; they just get mis-labeled as 'mopeds' because some state BMVs have gotten in the habit of calling anything 50cc or less a 'moped'.

As for your scooter, the deal is whether its an Elite E or an Elite SR. The former is pretty small and can rarely top 35 mph; the latter is a bit bigger, has a variated transmission, and can usually top 40 mph. $600 would not be a deal for an Elite E (which usually go for less than $500), but would be a decent price for an SR in good condition. Check out www.motorscooterguide.net for a good summary of Honda scooters.

Re: 1988 SB50 values?

Sorry for the intrusion troops. Thanks for the clarification and those that responded.

"Noob takes a hit...he's down. Bleeding injector oil he crawls wearily back to his scooter-hole."

Best to all,


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