FT: 87 trac olympia

really cool/strange bike.

cdi, case inducted, reeds, little mikuni carb that takes dellorto jets.

Runs good, cleaning the tank with vinegar right now.

Has all of the covers and stuff.

What you got to trade?

bay area please.

Re: FT: 87 trac olympia

those bikes are 2 speed autos and will run about 40 mph stock, at least my 2 crappy looking ones did.

Re: FT: 87 trac olympia

i have not riden it yet,

if it does goes 40 stock,

with a pipe and a little porting, 50/50 no problem.

Re: FT: 87 trac olympia

Motobee Goode /

hey justin, I dont really have anything to trade, but my friend is in the market for a ped. Do you wanna sell it?

Re: FT: 87 trac olympia

i would like to sell. how much>?

Re: FT: 87 trac olympia

Swap out the intake and sell it to me. I can send you a tomos intake and some muns.

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