WTS - '78 Vespa Bravo SD

It is with much sadness that I have decided to sell my little Blue vespa... I've realized after a near steal lately, that I just don't have the time or resources she deserves...

Asking price is 950 or best offer, she runs fine, got a poorly installed battery, and the original toolkit in the frame. send me a PM if you're interested.

Oh yeah, San Francisco located.


Re: WTS - '78 Vespa Bravo SD

you got it back!? how'd you find it?

Re: WTS - '78 Vespa Bravo SD

Funny story actually, it was a few blocks down in an alley, with one of the locks still around it! I guess the guy who took it realized it wouldn't run without the ignition key or a spark plug... or something. I can't really say for sure, I'm just assuming they got tired of walking it.

Re: WTS - '78 Vespa Bravo SD


Jesus christ.

Theres no way you are gonna sell a stock bravo regardless of condition for that much.

Ill give you 400 for it.

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