FS: 78 Pinto - red

800-ish miles. very clean. 2hp runs well.

Bad: Was previously titled in oregon. Just requires some paperwork and waiting to register here. other states shouldnt be a problem.


I can deliver as far as sf/sac for gas money.


Re: FS: 78 Pinto - red

Are you going to be visiting Los Angeles anytime soon?

Re: FS: 78 Pinto - red


Re: FS: 78 Pinto - red

how do you know its the 2 hp?

i have a yellow pinto is it a 2hp?

or is only the red one 2 hp?

thanks,nice moped

i score my pinto last year at a state auction in connecticut

few thousand miles but it started up the day we bought it

i got mine for $200-

wish i was in yur neck o' the woods


Re: FS: 78 Pinto - red

Dan & Crystal /

I will buy this form you when i get back like we had talked about on the way down to LA. I just forgot about it. So yeah i will be back on about the 17th maybe 18th.l Then you don't have to take it anywhere.

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