Misc. puch maxi e-50 partsss

ok here's what I've got today, pics available upon request:

-2 pairs of stock shocks... one pair has been rattle canned off white and some of the paint has chipped... one is still stock with the black plastic covers / raw metal tubes. Both pairs still function. The rattle canned pair is in better condition physically and cosmetically, but is painted a cream color, and the regular pair has some cracking and quite a bit of scuffing to the plastic, though basically no rust.

_$20 shipped for either, or $30 shipped for both._

-2 maxi book racks. one is the maxi sport if i'm not mistaken which has the rails that go down the rear side for rear saddle bags... it is in great physical condition but has some minor rust which should clean up easy...the other is a regular maxi rack but is missing the spring holder mechanism, so basically this would be more for if you're planning to attach a basket or something, or if you wanna bungee stuff to it. It is in good physical condition otherwise and has very minor rust.

_$35 shipped for the sport rack, $15 shipped for the regular._

-e50 primary driveshaft (main gear) with bearings (no seals). I will include the bearings but leave them off of the gear in case you want to put new ones on. Gear in very good condition, no shearing, bearings are in good condition, though they are original so you may want to switch them if you're doing a full rebuild. This is from a 4 bearing case, so the shaft will have 2 bearings.

_asking $25 shipped to your door._

-Front snowflake with no brake hub, but it does have a functioning axle and bearings so that's half the battle. Minor rust / stains / scuffs but overall good condition. Tire and tube are shot.

_$25 + shipping which I'm not sure how much that would be at this point... probably around $20 or so would be my guess._

-e50 case, matched to metra 65 (also works pretty close to 70 kstar) The matching is not perfect but it is solid. Case seals well. No studs get some new ones from treats. Clutch cover and all hardware included, no gaskets included... any questions or pics just ask.

_$40 shipped to your door_

hmmmmm I will certainly have more in the coming days but we'll see where this goes...

Re: Misc. puch maxi e-50 partsss

I should add a couple things:

the e50 is just the CASE so we're clear... that means no drive, crank, clutch stuff, stator, or flywheel... just the case and clutch cover, and the hardware to put it together.

Also if you want more than one item it will definitely be cheaper since shipping on all these individually is gonna run at least $10 or so, which is why some of the prices might seem a tad high since i factored in shipping. If you want to buy multiple things let me know what you want and I'll discount appropriately.

Thankssssss dudes and dudettes.

Re: Misc. puch maxi e-50 partsss

I'll take the case and primary drive. E-mail ya in a second, peace.

Re: Misc. puch maxi e-50 partsss

UPDATE Primary gear and case are sold..........

Re: Misc. puch maxi e-50 partsss

Bumper now with new low prices::::::::::::

Shocks $15 each shipped or $25 shipped for both

Book racks $25 shipped for the biggun

Front snowlflake no brake hub $30 shipped

get this stuff outtttttttttta here

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