Laptop for tomos parts

i have a dell inspiron 9300 laptop that needs a video card ( its a gaming laptop, played graphic intense games!) that i have no use for. video cards go for $50 on ebay and take 30 minutes to put in, i just dont need it anymore (have 2 other computers)

I dont remeber specs on it and im still looking for the power cord (its here someplace) so i can turn it on and see whats up.

looking for tomos exhausts, parts, hell a maxi whatever. i will ship to you as well. make me an offer, just about anything will work!

bullet style headlight, 12v non sealed, a kit, 20mm intake and carb, ebrs, clubman bars, you name it!

Re: Laptop for tomos parts

You will be making that intake for a Tomos.

Re: Laptop for tomos parts

no, someone else will. i know theres no premade intake. i just have no welder,

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