Anyone interested in a Carabela V1?

I have a Carabela V1 for sale or trade. No fan or fan cover. Complete electronics, missing one piston ring. Good starter clutch plate included. Never seized, stock jug included. Center case and clutch gasket included (new old stock).

Either the crank or clutch bell is warped a bit. You can probably fix it with some good V1 knowledge. New bearings in there but I think one is pinched. Couple of broken screw holes on the case (just the little indents where the screw head goes. Nothing wrong with it. Purely cosmetic) Case has been cleaned and polished pretty much to a shine.

Includes all case screws except for fan cover. Like I said, you'll need a fan cover/fan if you want to run it with one on there.

This bike ripped to about 35 with a stock pipe and 14mm SHA...tried to rebuild but I don't have the patience to spend 2 hours test fitting things by completely rebuilding the case every 2 hours to reconfigure.

Let me be very clear, because I wont sell something without informing the person what is going on:

Carabela uses different shim placement in the engine in most places. You will have to test fit and play with everything until you get it right. I am 99% positive that everything you need internally are in the bags I have labeled for it. I will even include my diagram that I drew for it when I dismantled it.

I live in Canada. Shipping is going to be about $70 US give or take a couple bucks to ship to the US. Cheaper for Canada of course.

If you're looking for a solid 50cc motor this is a great engine. The porting on a Carabela cylinder actually makes it better than a stock just have to get 'er back together. If you need anything, BJ at HandyBikes will be glad to help you out.

I will consider trades for stuff...let me know your offer (artificialharmony [at] gmail [dot] com)

Re: Anyone interested in a Carabela V1?


$100 shipped to the US including the price of the're paying $30 for the motor :)

Upon second inspection, it looks like the clutch plate might be warped a bit...not the crank (I don't think) though it could probably use some adjustment since I never did it myself.

Shoot me an email if you're interested.

Re: Anyone interested in a Carabela V1?


$100 USD shipped to anywhere in the US

$110 CANADIAN shipped anywhere in Canada! (Cheeeeeap!)

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