F.S. 80 Maxi-luxe and 80 Pa50 Madison WI

Ok, well this is almost a double post, but I had one buyer kind of flake out and one buyer that I can't get the bike to, so here they are again.

The 81 or 80 PA50, I forget, just have to check the vin plate. Either way it has the later improvements like the CDI and the battery and the turn signals. Also has one the most comfortable seats I have ever ridden. Bike is in pretty good shape, little rust around the rear turn signals but thats it. Paint is decent, a little scratching here and there but on the whole pretty damn good. It has like 22hundy miles on it, and runs like a champ. Sorry, you don't get the proma circuit with it.

Asking 350 obo

Next is one of my Maxi-luxes

Starts up and runs well, 31-32mph. NO rust. super clean and looks good. Only issues to speak of are, the miles, like 9000 of them. Also the break pads could stand to be replaced and the pedal on the one side broke off, but that will be fixed in a day or two. Also the brakes will be done in a couple days too, so pretty much just the mileage. I am looking for about 400 for her.

I have a title for the hobbit, but no title for the maxi luxe. Get at me if your interested.

Re: F.S. 80 Maxi-luxe and 80 Pa50 Madison WI

is that a PAII?

I think so seeing that it has the CDI. If so I'll drive out and take it. Cash

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