FA suzuki Parts Selling

Blue bike parting out the gas related parts. Im also looking for a 15 inch rear wheel any kind that has a procket/drum setup non-wacky FA50 type. Must be straight.

Gastank (plastic with cap) 15

Oiltank (same) 15

Rear wheel 14inch (has wacky splined female drive )tire is dry rot but holds air.

spokes have some rust but rim is straight and clean minimal surface rust 25

add 32BUCKS and ill ship it to any of the lower 48states

(thats 57total for those who inhale)

Coil 15

cdi unit 40

fuel shut off 10

carb 15

kick start lever 5

wet clutch 15

shipping 8 bucks

rear fender 15

shipping15 bucks

Mechanical parts are very good. FIRE sale prices!!!.

Will go on sale on E b ay very soon. Im converting to DC Power no more nasty 2stroke. Engine is toast and i may rebuild it who knows. I need most of the gears bu


Re: FA suzuki Parts Selling

You making an electric ped? email me if you can


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