wtb: indian flywheel puller

Anybody got a flywheel puller for my AMI 50 Indian Moped?

Would like to borrow, rent or buy one to fix my indian.




Re: wtb: indian flywheel puller

mike. im not familiar with indians at all, but if they're anything like a puch or tomos (and i assume they are, or should be in theory) then try this...

Re: wtb: indian flywheel puller

Jeremy, Thanks for the vid. The indian looks very similar, but the rubber mallet is not working for me either. This thing is a bitch to get off. So far I have tried the mallet, a steering wheel puller and applying heat with a propane torch (carefully). I think the only answer is a flywheel puller. People have given me links to where to purchase, but when I try to buy they are out of stock. I'm pissed, I just got this thing running and the flywheel cut loose on me, wtf.

Thanks for trying,


Re: wtb: indian flywheel puller

its the same puller as puch

just a regular bosch puller

i have one you can borrow but i cant sell it cause its the only one i have

Re: wtb: indian flywheel puller

I sent you an email Jay.

Re: wtb: indian flywheel puller

try getting a strap wrench around it. i didnt have a big enough one, so i used my detatchable one to hold everything in place. its a bitch the first time, but after that its CAKE

good luck!

Re: wtb: indian flywheel puller

good luck

Re: wtb: indian flywheel puller

Apparently I'll need a lot of it, damn.

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