vespa electronics needed

i have a 78 vespa/piaggio grande (i think), its the one with the tube frame you fill with gas. anyways the electronics are pretty much corroded beyond use (so is everything else)... what i really need are the electronics for the engine (magnito, points, condensor, etc.), i do have the working coil though.

oh, and i want to convert the engine to run on its own (without use of the wiring harness), so i have just a simple on/off switch somewhere. is this possible? i have a topic in the general section, but no one has shed anyone light on the subject.

i would prefer heavily used but still working, just for the cheapness of it all. thanks.

Re: vespa electronics needed can hardwire the bike, i have a grande and had issues with the light alot and just got rid of much of the wiring, you need some of the wiring, you want the headlight to work aswell as the tail ya need some power wires, you can cut out the brake wires too aslong as you have a running light going or youre get run the fuck to bill at Zippy mopeds, he should have everything you need..not to mention Treats too, there isnt alot out there for Grandes..dude in hartland WI too..

Re: vespa electronics needed

ok, sent out a few emails... dunno if they went to the right people, but someone should be able to point me in the right direction. thanks. and who is the dude in heartland WI? im in texas... so i think that trek would be a bit out of the question to get a free moped running.

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