WTB: 2.25 X 16" RIM SET & SPOKES

Screwed up the first time posting this...

Im am trying to rebuild the 2 back wheels of a Pryer Trike. I have to keep the original hub for it to work correctly.

Im looking for a set of rims 2.25 x 16", 36 spoke, NOS if possible. Used is ok as long is there is no rust and not bent.

Im also looking for 72 spokes and nipples. The diameter of a spoke is 3mm and its about 7 1/8" long (see photos)

Wheel im trying to rebuild

Trike wheel hub

Spoke length

Nipple length

Nipple width

Re: WTB: 2.25 X 16" RIM SET & SPOKES


Re: WTB: 2.25 X 16" RIM SET & SPOKES

give BJ a call at handy bikes and see if he has what you need

Re: WTB: 2.25 X 16" RIM SET & SPOKES

I emailed handy bikes, no response. Called handy bikes, talked to BJ, he had the spokes. Lucky me. $1.99 a spoke + nipple. Found a place in CA called Rideable Bicycle Replicas (www.hiwheel.com), talked to Greg Barron. They make old school tall bikes and can make spokes any size you need. It was a bit more expensive, $2.73 a spoke, $.50 a nipple, but i was looking for something uncommon. Great if you had to have it for your project.

Now i need to get the rims!

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Sorry for not answering your email. But I have one NOS 16" rim. But, it is not as wide as the rim on the Pryer. I have a Pryer trike with rims that look just like yours, solid rust ! I have thought about doing the same thing you are wanting to do.

I don`t know if the wide rims are really necessary or not ? You could still put a 2.5 tire on this wheel. I`m sure you would want fat tires on a trike.

I also have some NOS 16" spoke wheels that have that same rim as the one I have.

I also have thousands of spokes. I may have the size you need ? I will do some digging. If I have them, I can sell them much cheaper than $1.50n ea!


Re: WTB: 2.25 X 16" RIM SET & SPOKES

Actually, I took measurements for the rim. My measurements were outside edge across to outside edge 16.94 inches and the outside rim width was 2.5 inches wide, and inside rim width was 1.8 inches wide. 36 spoke.

BJ had some Derbi rims that were very very close. Thanks though Ike.

If this set up works, I will post some pics for everyone that is in dire need a repairing their Pryer Trikes.

Maybe i should move this over to the repair section....

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