FS: 1980 General 5 Star

I bought a General 5 star moped off an Amish boy around the PA area. Turns out Id rather ride my Yamaha 650CC as opposed to the moped, so this has to go. It does not run as far as I know. Im not even sure how to start it.

It does have spark as I took the plug out and it grounded to the motor. It also has compression as far as I know. You can hear and feel it coming from the exhaust pipe. As for the gas, its probably very old, and I didnt have the motivation to mix anymore for it. The fuel line from the tank to the carb does seem like its deteriorated, so it probably has a leak.

The tag on the fork says its a 1980, and has a VIN. If someone wants a project or needs some good parts, here you are. I will post a photo if anyone is interested. Im new to the moped thing, so im not sure if this is any demand for these bikes.

Re: FS: 1980 General 5 Star

What the hell is an Amish kid doing with a moped?

Re: FS: 1980 General 5 Star

Email sent

Amish can have all that cool shit BEFORE they join the Amish church. After they do join the church. They still have it, but it's low key

Re: FS: 1980 General 5 Star

Dont ask me, haha. He even pulled up on an ATV from his farm to the side of the road after I called his CELL PHONE. Come to think of it, he might me Mennonite. This area is weird...

Re: FS: 1980 General 5 Star

Looks like its sold.


Re: FS: 1980 General 5 Star

I just emailed you . Let me know whats going on with it. I live like 2 minutes from you.

Re: FS: 1980 General 5 Star

Black Mafia

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