FS: Tomos Items

All the stuff in the picture except 1 mirror for sale together..I need the money for gas..$50+shipping for everything..I know I posted these items before and got snuffed for the pricing..help me out will ya?


Re: FS: Tomos Items

Come on now..a little help..

Re: FS: Tomos Items

Hey TJ

I rode with you the other week in Orlando.

Rumor has it that Tomos wheels fit garelli. I am on the hunt for shiny 16" spokies.

Let me know if you ever score some. I'll have some $ come the first of the month.

Re: FS: Tomos Items

lemme get that coat hangar.

Re: FS: Tomos Items

Not to be mean.. but that crap's not really even worth $50 shipped... o.O

Re: FS: Tomos Items

James - I'll keep an eye out for that for you

Prancer - That's a peice of black 12 gauge solid wire. yours for a penny.

Casey - Not to be mean..but quit knocking it down..this stuff is a steal for that price.

Re: FS: Tomos Items

Sorry dude, that's not a steal for those parts.

Re: FS: Tomos Items

Never mind then..Fuck it..no sale..forget the thread..

Re: FS: Tomos Items

It's like you got a stock tomos, and yarded all the crap no one wants off of it lol and did a few upgrades... Pipe, filter, rear sprocket...

Now knockin' your stuff, but you're really askin' too much for it... ask a more realistic price, and i bet you could sell it..

Re: FS: Tomos Items


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