FS: The Godfather, by Motobee - Minarelli ped

For sale is THE GODFATHER, a Minarelli v1 based moped made by Motobee. Rare, but basically a typical Minarelli based ped. It runs great, does 25 or so, no speedo cable so I'm not positive. Starts right up easy. No fenders or chain guards or sidecovers, light as hell and has a cool look I think. Paint is kinda flaky on the tank and it has a motobecane seat on there with a couple holes. Headlight works but it has no taillight, though the wires are there accessible. Brakes work decent. Tires hold air great but are a bit old. I'm thinking, $375? Its a little rough but in a kinda badass way, and it runs great. Plus it says THE GODFATHER on the tank. Trades for a Derbi and partial trades for Minarelli, Puch, or Peugeot projects considered. No title


Re: FS: The Godfather, by Motobee - Minarelli ped

U thinkin bout sellin this, fa-get-a-bout-it! Keep it for future rebuilding pleasures

Re: FS: The Godfather, by Motobee - Minarelli ped

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