Motobecane Super 51

For Sale : Rare 1977 Motobecane Super 51 the pride of my fleet. This moped will cruise @ 35mph all day. It has the variated clutch system and the more powerful 51cc motor. I just replaced both brakes and the tires are good. It has the original tool kit under the seat. If you were at the last "Moped Larry" rides; you probably will recognize the bike. I can deliver up to 50 miles from Philly (for a modest cost) I do not have a title but will supply a Bill-of-Sale. $700.00. Call 610-636-2447 if interested.


Re: Motobecane Super 51

very nice. isn't it called 51 not because it has a 51cc (vs. 49.9cc) displacement but because it has the AV10 reed intake? The MBK 51 (51V) in France has the 49.9cc cylinder but the AV10 reed intake. If it's AV10, I think that makes this bike more desirable. Well, it's rare anyway. good luck with the sale.

Re: Motobecane Super 51

That's an AV10 for sure.

Re: Motobecane Super 51

Well Guys, thanks for straightening me out...AV10 IT IS!!!

Re: Motobecane Super 51

I remember being blasted by this at Larry's ride a couple years back

I'm all over it

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