FS 1972 yamaha U7E

well i bought this from my friend like 3 weeks ago then bought a bunch of parts for it now im getting low on money so i need to sell it

this is a 1972 Yamaha U7E(Yamahas version of the honda cub)

new parts waiting to be installed

tires and tubes


NOS magneto cover

air filter

NOS tail light

also a spare used carb and throttle and choke cables

hate to do this but i need money

i have about $175 into it so id like to get that

email mopedjay01@aol.com

call 978 847 5874

sorry no shipping

Re: FS 1972 yamaha U7E

here, another example of moped jay being the man, you could totally get more for it, if you made it run.

knowing you it probably does.


Re: FS 1972 yamaha U7E

im sure it would run if i put the new points in but i been working on other bikes

oh well someone will get a pretty good deal on a very rare bike

Re: FS 1972 yamaha U7E

I like it , ill try and call tom afternoon

Re: FS 1972 yamaha U7E

will do


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