Puch parts wanted!

Hi Guys,

Right i am looking to find the following in good condition.

Right and left carry handles for the Maxi sport.

And a luggage rack but not the sport one, i want one that does not attatch to the seat!

These will also require shipping to to UK, just to warn you!!


Re: Puch parts wanted!

ill ship some side rails, and a book rack, just pay the shipping cost.

~SABAT!( nakedgun5@msn.com )

Re: Puch parts wanted!

Thats great!...do you have any idea how much to ship?

Re: Puch parts wanted!

no, ive never done it to the UK before, i doubt usps ships there, anyone know what to do plz chime in.

ill give you the side rails and books rack in chrome/working condition for 25 american then we just have to figure out the shipping ordeal.

please email me ( nakedgun5@msn.com )


Re: Puch parts wanted!

USPS Global air mail should do the trick...don't expect it come cheap

Re: Puch parts wanted!

check fedex, i ship snowboards internationally with them and they are real good, havnt lost anything yet....


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