FS: velosolex model 3800

do not know year. does not run, but sparks and turns over w/ decent compression. tires good. needs a few parts, but mostly there. could deliver to flock yeah.




Re: FS: velosolex model 3800

This is an interesting Solex. It appears to be a model that was made in France for sale in another country, like Germany or Switzerland. What is written on the tag on the front of the steering tube? German writing? Photo?

I can tell you the year if you can give me the engine serial number; seven-digit number _stamped_ into the top, rear of the engine, as far back as you can go, just in front of the steering tube. You may have to clean the area and use a flashlight to see the number.

Re: FS: velosolex model 3800

cool, brian, thx for info. got a lot goin' on to prepare for flock yeah, but when i get back, i'll get that info for you, if not sooner.

if i end up keeping this thing, i was gonna email you about it.

if i sell it, ok. if not...it is a really cool machine, and i'm pretty sure i can get away w/ no reg or insurance here in az.

thx again.

Re: FS: velosolex model 3800

Contact me anytime for help with your Solex.



Re: FS: velosolex model 3800

thx. if i don't sell it, i'll be in touch for sure. you goin' to LA? i may bring it.

Re: FS: velosolex model 3800

No, I won't be in LA, but have a great time, and let me know if you need any help at all with your Solex.

Re: FS: velosolex model 3800


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