WTB: '77 Honda Express Throttle Cable

I've got a frayed throttle cable.. guess it's one time too many for the 32-year-old moped.

Anyway, I've also got $10 in paypal funds to someone who wants to send me one in good condition! I'm in 02453 (near Boston, MA) -- local sales ok, too, I can travel (not yet on my moped though.. hehe)

More $$ if it's new or brand new or OEM new or whatever (i.e.. unused), but used is fine.

Thank you, fellow express owners!

Re: WTB: '77 Honda Express Throttle Cable

I've contacted a bunch of forum members but nobody has come through (one sold, one broke, etc...). Nobody has any '77 Express throttle cable?

My poor Express is lonely and jealous that I've been using the Puch :(

WTB: '77 Honda Express Throttle Cable

I have a few, new and used, will look tomorrow. email me later. Any express parts you need? I have a shit-ton

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