FS 1977 Batavus Starflite VAII 25mph vers.

fallout Survivor /



Rare 1977 Batavus Starflite VA II 25 mph model moped. True moped according to Nebraska law. Complete and reliable ride. Every part is there and everything works, starts and runs. Around 2000 miles. I had used to run around town. Includes service manual. Requires DOT helmet and regular car operators license to drive on NE roads.

No registration, insurance or title required. Very cool pedal moped. Mechanically sound starts easily. Very clean for its 32 years age. I have scrounged to replace everything. Its hard enough finding a moped in Lincoln, and this is a real collector item. I am conflicted on selling this but I have little space and got a Honda scooter. Very quiet 2 stroke. 402-421-1281

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