WTB tomos throttle assembly

I'm looking for the throttle assembly from a tomos a35 ..... or any other moped running a Dellorto SHA carb.

I'm in need of all the parts from the twist grip, to the cable, and down to the carb top.

The jury-rigged cable to the Dellorto 14:12 on my batavus isn't cutting it.

Reply or shoot me an email if you've got anything.

also in need of an airfilter for said SHA carb

Re: WTB tomos throttle assembly

i might have a throttle off of an 08 tomos. im just waiting for a reply from another guy to see if he wants it but if he doesnt youre the first one in line

Re: WTB tomos throttle assembly

i also have a filter. extra ten bucks plus shipping

Re: WTB tomos throttle assembly


Re: WTB tomos throttle assembly

i have one that looks like this one except that it has an additional choke lever...which you can just not use or take off. comes with matching grip set. its in like new condition.


Re: WTB tomos throttle assembly

To avoid any confusion, I'm looking for the ENTIRE Throttle assembly, not just the throttle on the handle. This includes the throttle twist grip, the cable, the cable tube on top of the carb, and all parts in between.

Don't want no new shit, just something someone can pull off a parts bike so I can rig to my ped to go, so I can ride it or sell it as a working moped.

Looking to spend about 25 bucks. More if you throw in a filter for a dellorto SHA.

It doesn't have to be off a tomos, but I know that my targa runs a dellorto 14:12 so I just need it to be compatible with that carb.

Also still looking for an airfilter.

I know there's someone out there with a stockpile of shitty tomoses they found in some dump in jersey.

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