Testing the waters FS pair of Urban Express

Testing the waters to see what i can get for this pair. 1982 red urban express bikes, there are 2. First one has about 300 miles on it and second one has about 400 miles on it. Very nice shape, not perfect but well kept. I bought these from the second owner. I do not have the titles but one has a NY registration under the seat. Original tires, headlights work,maybe some chrome pitting not sure. I got both of these last year and got them running. One was a little bit faster than the other but the carbs aren't perfect. Sometimes 1 won't idle, other times it will. These are now sitting in my shed and my wife won't ride one, but i have taken one up and down the road last year maybe put 50 miles on it. I have 4 sets of brake shoes for these but only got around to putting 1 set on, there are new air cleaners and some other parts i got from bike bandit. Times are tough right now as i don't see any of these bringing good prices on ebay. I might advertise them locally but don't know what to ask for the pair. In PA. Might also take trades for amateur radio equipment or ???. Will take them out of the shed tomorrow and take some pictures if anybody is interested.

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